About Us


About Us

Buy Local:

Lanark Highlands Business & Tourism Association supports building the local economy by promoting buying local.

All Lanark Highlands residents benefit from purchasing from our local economy by keeping our hard-earned dollars from leaking from the area.

By buying local, you support our local businesses to grow and become a well-established source of supplies for us all.

Buying local helps reduce our environmental impact by keeping travel closer to home and saving travel to larger towns and the greenhouse emissions this contributes.

Buying local helps keep our local farmers producing the foods we can all eat closer to home for fresher, healthier foods.

Buying local is safer for you, by helping you resolve problems with a business, that may arise with someone closer to home that has an interest in your issues.

By buying local, we help offset the damage done by large box stores that threaten small business operations by their great discounts.

Lanark Highlands is a special place. A place of rugged beauty and seasons that help make us all appreciate our towns. By working together and supporting each other, we aim to grow a town that can supply all our needs through its wonderful people.

Support our local businesses, your neighbours, by searching here for a source of your need, whether it is a place to stay, a place to eat or a place to shop or a service business.