Reeling in the big one: Fishing in Lanark Highlands

With more than a dozen lakes in the Highlands, it’s no wonder the area is a magnet for fishing enthusiasts.

From Joe’s Lake to Clayton Lake to Patterson Lake, the pristine waters of the river and lake systems in the Highlands offer ideal habitat a variety of fish species including small and large mouthed bass, pickerel, Northern pike, walleye and of course carp and perch. The river and lake system offers both fast and slow current waters, with the Mississippi River crossing the Highlands horizontally from west to east and the Clyde River winding north to south.

Wade into the local rivers, enjoying a rare opportunity to fly fish, and perhaps be rewarded with a special catch. There are numerous public boat launches available at each lake, allowing convenient access for day fishing and exploring. Check in with local lake associations to learn more about the unique qualities of each body of water, such as Dalhousie Lake Association at or Patterson Lake Association

But the Highlands aren’t just a hot spot for fishing in the summer months – the thrill of the winter catch is popular in the Highlands, too. Ice fishing derbies have been hosted on area lakes for years, bringing anglers from far and near to gather and couple the chill with the thrill of reeling in the big one.

Discover all that Lanark Highlands has to offer for our fishing enthusiasts in this brochure:

Lanark Fishing Guide

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